Fuzz Bender

Derr (Lone Tree, USA) – Fuzz Bender (Mullard OC84)

I’ve been using the Fuzz Bender since Saturday and found it to be a most remarkable pedal! The effect produces exactly the fuzz tones I was looking for with zero undesired noise. It’s also amazingly responsive to guitar volume control roll off. You really hit the sweet spot on the bias adjustment. The pedal in general and the OC84s in particular surpassed my already high expectations!


Phil (St. Louis, USA) – Fuzz Bender (Mullard OC84)

After playing the Fuzz Bender I can say that it’s exactly what I was looking for.  There’s a lot of fuzz available, but it always remains articulate and dynamic; and the clean-up, even on maximum, is exceptional.  The fuzz itself is rich, both its thick texture and in its harmonic content.  There are lots of shades available just by varying pick attack and guitar volume settings.  I know a lot of these things are kind of cliché–like saying an overdrive is transparent.  Nevertheless, they’re true of the Fuzz Bender and make it a special pedal.

I played an OC75 tone bender replica once and I prefer the OC84s in your Fuzz Bender.  Your description of the difference is spot on and was very helpful in deciding which to choose.  With the OC84s, the fuzz is still aggressive and has that great midrange one wants from a tone bender. And I like how it’s a little smoother and tube-like, as you said, which gives it a nice warmth.  I also prefer the bass frequencies with these transistors (I don’t know if it has more bass than the OC75s, changes the nature of the fuzz’s thickness, etc.; I’m having trouble describing it.  The point is that I like it.

I also like that the range of the bias is limited so that the knob is not hyper-sensitive.

Thanks for a great product and service!

All the best,


Paul (Newcastle, UK) – Fuzz Bender (Mullard OC84)

Right I’ve given the pedal a whirl, I think it’s incredible, fabulous, amazing. It is quieter than my Fulltone 69 Fuzz Face. It is voiced perfectly meaning the treble strings sound as well as the bass strings. No noise, buzzing or anything. An amazing range cleaning up well. I now always put a fuzz into a modern overdrive pedal because that is just like putting it straight into an overdriven amp. It is an absolutely perfect Zeppelin tone and because you are using all NOS components I can be absolutely sure that it IS THE SOUND. So overall I am really delighted with the pedal, it’s much better than DAM/SolaSound stuff I think. I’ll probably be back for more stuff, we’ll see, I’ve got loads of stuff already.

Thanks again.



Nick (Portland, USA) – Fuzz Bender (Mullard OC75)

I received the Fuzz Bender today. I don’t even know what to say. I am simply astonished. All I can say is wow. This truly may be one of the best fuzz pedals I have ever played. Possibly the very best. Now, I’ve not spent much time with a faithful MkII before (the closest I have is the Yardbox, and it’s definitely it’s own thing), although I did briefly play through an original MkII a few years ago, but this pedal is amazing. It is so musical and inspiring to play. The sound is so 60’s and yet so aggressive and timeless. The raspy high end. The slight instability that makes you think the amp may blow up. The slight gating and squish of the pick attack at higher fuzz levels. The way you can roll the volume back on the guitar, okay close to the bridge, and get a synth horn-like sound. The way the notes decay into a  spitty pool of filth….

I feel quite privileged to own it and I can’t wait to make some recordings with it. Thank you very much for your outstanding craftsmanship. I will send some clips in the near future. 

Thanks again. 




Fuzz Bender Mk I.V

Neil (Ergolding, Germany) – Fuzz Bender Mk I.V (Mullard OC84)

Got the pedal yesterday and had a chance to try it out today. I knew it was going to be good but this exceeded my expectations!

After searching for the fuzz sound I can hear in my head, I’ve finally found it! Everything I love about fuzz faces and tone benders but without any of the bits I don’t like! The best of both!

The build quality and craftsmanship are superb too. Thanks so much!

I’ll be back!



Bradley (Kent, UK) – Fuzz Bender Mk I.V (Mullard OC84)

Hi Sof, just wanted to let you know……

This fuzz is great, really dynamic and useable. Plenty of variation in tone at the controls. Fuzziness that makes you want to dig in and turn it up. Similar in feel to a nicely pushed valve amp, but with fuzzier edges?! Responds well to your playing attack and volume knob. Really well made & wired, the inside looks beautiful too! This is now my favourite fuzz and a permanent part of my set up. Thanks Sof!

Germanium Fuzz

Mark (Glasgow, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)


I have had a chance to play around with the fuzz. I am very happy with it and although I am unable compare it with your standard series I am glad that I shelled out the extra cash. The build quality is excellent, very tidy handywork inside and the battery clip is a nice touch, it sounds great, very refined, nice note seperation and responds well to playing dynamics. All Fuzz Face cliches but true.

I love Fuzz Faces/clones and have several its all I ever use, guitar>fuzz>amp. I struggled to make my mind up between the Mullard OC42 or Mullard CV7005 when purchasing but am happy with my choice, I can always buy the OC42 later on.

All the best,


Christian (Ingolstadt, Germany) – 2x Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005 and Mullard OC42)

I have received the pedals yesterday, they arrived good and sure! 🙂

The pedals… Wow!!! I’m really impressed! They sound incredible, even better than I expected. I liked the pedal demos but with my equipment… I love them!!! 🙂  The cleanup is amazing with humbucker’s and P90’s.

You did an incredible job! Thank you very very much, I’m really happy!!! 🙂

Best regards,


Stefan (Köln, Germany) – 2x Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005 and Newmarket CV7007)
The pedals did arrive yesterday… and both are absolutely stunning!
First opening the boxes I was really impressed how nice and rugged they appear.  As usual I opened them first and – the battery is already inside – really nice. The construction seems extremely well built, everything’s really accurate.
I tested the CV7007 at home on low volume with a Tweed deluxe w/5881s somewhat clean and was really impressed by the dynamics. As we wrote before, for me it’s all about clean up and that I can control rhythm vs. lead sound with the guitar’s volume. This worked perfectly, even at lower volumes and of course the pedal’s output all the way up and fuzz nearly all the way up.
Today at rehearsal with my blues band I tried the CV7005 at “band volume” with a low power tweed twin – exactly what I hoped for. Great dynamics, useable full bodied clean sounds even on the strat’s middle position and with a twist on the guitar’s volume pot a thick saturated yet clearly defined lead sound. Me (and I hope the rest of the band too) happy 🙂
I had lots of experience with pedals so although this might be a so called “honeymoon review” I think I can judge immediately what will work for me, and I’ m really looking forward to play them more. So at the moment I really don’t see any need to tweak anything.
Thanks again for your nice advice and all the best.
Maybe till next time 😉
Best regards,

David (Portland, USA) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)

The pedal is awesome. Took a little bit to learn how to use it, but now it’s definitely a keeper. Makes my guitar volume so much more useful. Really diggin’ it. Thanks for the awesome service and product guys. Will definitely recommend.


Malcolm (Manchester, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)

The Mojo edition Germanium fuzz pedal arrived super quick, just tried it through my Princeton Reverb with a Zendrive after the fuzz, it sounded really good, I then turned the bias pot to about 2.00 rather than 12.00 and it completely blew me away, what a sound, cleans up fantastically too.

Thanks for a great fuzz.


Steven (Erpe-mere, Belgium) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)

I was looking for a vintage style Germanium fuzz and I’m so glad I found this company. Hand wired with the highest attention to detail that’ve ever seen. Big germanium vintage fuzz tones with remarkable cleanup. Got the low gain Mullard CV7005 and I love them, With the volume on the guitar you go from perfect clean to light OD to just face melting fuzz without even touching the pedal. Great job!

Anthony (Rochester, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)


I have been meaning to send you a message for a while. Just to let you know how happy I am with the pedal, from opening of the box with the cloth bag, sticker and professional packing, the pedal looks spot on. I could bang on about how and with what combination of amps and other pedals etc but in a nutshell I’m comparing this with a couple of vintage Fuzz’s that I sold a while back because I preferred the money I sold them for, early model Fulltone 69 and AnalogMan your pedal is up there with these and for the price is way in front. I will leave it there but just to say thank you and keep up the good work.

Kind regards


Martyn (Farnham, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard OC42)

Just received your beautiful fuzz pedal. Amazing, just totally amazing. At last a fuzz pedal that sounds exactly as I wanted. Many thanks!

Christy (Leeds, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)

I’ve been able to have a good play with the fuzz pedal today – it’s really awesome. I’m so pleased with it, thank you.

I can’t really crank up my 59 Bassman at home unfortunately. I can just get it going enough to get an impression of what it will be like when it’s cooking. It sounds really great, even at that volume.

I initially found that it was a tiny bit dark (really nitpicking tbh), I’ve now found that putting my klone after it (as a buffer) lifts the highs perfectly. It cleans up great, and I find myself playing further into the fuzz than I thought I would. It’s a very inspiring sound, and I can disappear off and get lost in it very easily. Can’t wait to get it on full whack : )


Duke (Hastings, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)


Once again, a spellbinding fuzz . Majestic, so inspiring. Thank you!  They should be the gold standard in the world of fuzz .

All the best



Mark (Aylesbury, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (Mullard CV7005)

Thank you for the Expressofx Germanium Fuzz CV7005 that I received this morning in the post. It also arrived quicker than expected, which is no mean feat during covid lockdown. I very rarely if ever buy a pedal without trying it first, I’m quite fussy about tone, and especially with fuzz boxes which I’ve never really been keen on previously. But there comes a time when stepping outside my “moderately-overdriven comfort zone” is needed, and after some months of picking through the forums and YouTube demos I was drawn to Expressofx in search of fuzz.

Firstly it looks amazing, feels very solid and has a slick appearance. There’s also a personal feel about it having picked through the custom options during purchase. Then I plugged into the top jacks and it was everything I had hoped for plus more – and it’s also everything I’ve been missing out on all these years!…. it’s more than capable of blasting out powerful Gary Clark Jr ‘When my train rolls in’ esque fuzz tones. Yet when rolling the guitar vol pot back I found myself chiming out the chords of Wind Whispers Mary with a clean and glassy, excellent individual note definition, while somehow still keeping its original fat sound. It also stacks beautifully with my tubescreamer, through a vibe pedal, bluesbreaker style etc. It’s phenomenal and sounds great whatever I throw at it – it really is seriously impressive stuff : )

Many thanks,
Sam (Hexham, UK) – Germanium Fuzz (NKT275)
Just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with the pedal. It is awesome and does everything a crazy bass player needs from Geddy Lee growls to electro pop bass lines. Am really amazed at how interactive the knobs are. My favourite electro sound is volume at about 2 o clock fuzz at 11 and bias fully wound clockwise and surprisingly lots of clean folded in. If I then put a sub octave through that setting it’s Genesis bass pedals all the way. Put that through an envelope filter and it’s like Stephen Hawking’s voicebox and Barry White had a child and Started singing scat.
I think I have only scratched the surface with the pedal so far but wanted to say that it’s fantastic.



Germanium Boost

Laurence (Wilmslow, UK) – Germanium Boost (Philips OC141)

Just to let you know the pedal sounds fantastic – I’m really pleased with it. I’m using through my “Bluesbreaker” Marshall combo and it has absolutely nailed the sound I was looking for.

I’ve also got one of your germanium fuzz pedals which sounds brilliant too.

Keep up the good work!



Bernd (Bad Urach, Germany) – Germanium Boost (Philips OC141)

The booster arrived safely in my post yesterday! I then unpacked it to have a short jam, the short became 3 hours 🙂 and today it was again! The part is absolutely awesome! I can only say that what you have built is absolutely fantastic, exactly what I was always looking for, I can just say many many thanks, I will recommend you wherever possible!

Best regards Bernd.


Dave (Castle Cary, UK) – Germanium Boost (Philips OC141)

I received the Germanium boost on Saturday and have to say I’m really enjoying it. I’ve played it a lot over the last few days and really love how it cleans up with volume control when driving into a compressor or an “on the edge” amp. With the guitar volume down and the amp working hard it gives a great vintage “clean” sound and a great driven blues sound with the guitar volume up. Just what I hoped for. The stepped “tone control” is also a great addition.


Tup Fuzz

Steve (Irvine, UK)


Well not only was it a wee bit earlier but it has thoroughly surpassed my expectation. Utterly delighted, and I genuinely can’t believe how big it can make my Jag sound. So chuffed 👌

Many thanks and all the best,