At Expresso FX we aim to produce pedals of the highest quality for guitar and bass players to enjoy.  We mainly specialise in reproducing and tweaking various vintage fuzz and booster circuits, using rare and highly sought after components.  Every single product we make is 100% handmade; we even drill the enclosures ourselves!  This allows us to be extremely flexible with what we make, and enables us to customise our products to suit our customers’ requirements.

Our focus is always on producing tools of the highest quality with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the components.  

Dispatch and Shipping

The standard line of products will be made available on the website once they’ve been built.  An announcement will be made on our Instagram account (@expressofx) every time stock is added.

For custom builds, please get in touch to discuss your needs.  Custom builds take around 10 weeks to ship.  Please note that this is only an approximate waiting time; occasionally it may take a little less or a little more than the stated order fulfilment time.